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Welcome to Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises!

Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises (NCCE) is  seeing “Green”.  Our vision places Citrus County and the surrounding areas at the forefront of  the Agricultural Revolution destined to hit Florida in the near future.  We plan to be at the cutting edge of what is possible in the fields of Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis.  We believe with its 7 spring fed rivers and natural resources, the “Nature Coast” could become the “Emerald Nature Coast” in just a few years.  Providing jobs state wide by helping to facilitate the infrastructure that is going to make Florida one of the key states in the union for Industrial Hemp & Medical Cannabis!

Our Vision

NCCE has some simple, basic business success philosophies for entering the Cannabis Industry.

  • Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness are required.  Don’t start anything without them.
  • What you put in is what you will get out.
  • Do your best….If you are going to do anything, do it right initially.
  • When you do something with others best interests in mind, it will come back as your best interests.
  • Be honest.  You can’t fake who you are.  Educate yourself & then educate the Cannaphobics.
  • Know your own true passion to find the right fit in one of the over 1800 different business opportunities.
  • Learn to think outside of the box.  Medical cannabis inspires creativity and is used widely in “Think Tanks” worldwide.
  • Realize that Industrial Hemp will truly help to save our planet and provide great local economic benefits at the same time.  Cleaning our waterways, using less to no pesticides, saving our farms soils and replacing other wasteful industries.
  • Medical Cannabis has the power to save mankind from itself, “big pharma”, and alcohol abuse.  A caring industry based on need not want, replacing addictive, dangerous and pricey substances with NON-ADDICTIVE, NON-TOXIC, PLANT BASED AFFORDABLE MEDICINE that actually works!
NCCE Vision

Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises Phase 1

Our headquarters is located in the historic district of Inverness, FL.  Giving us a chance to mix with the future cannabis district of Florida.  The “Hippie” movement began at Haight & Ashbury…The “Hempie” movement begins at Courthouse Sq. & N. Apopka Ave.  So join us & get involved.  Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises believes everyone has something unique and valuable to offer.  NCCE is blazing the trail for Citrus County.  With your help and the help of our contributors its only a matter of time before we are truly known as the Emerald Nature Coast!

Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises Phase 2

Phase 2 involves receiving a donation of the near vacant mall in Inverness, with a recoup plan for the holding bank.  We intend to use the K-Mart building to promote the industry with a world class Cannabis Museum, a Cannabis IMAX and a Cannabis inspired art gallery.  A special wheelchair room with earphones & screen menus will give comfortable viewing of the complete museum.

Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers will occupy nearly 10,000 sq. ft. with their forthcoming “Caregivers”, a private club for licensed Medical Cannabis patients.  NCCE realizes these patients are the next generation of reliable patient subjects who will receive their medicine free for their participation.  We intend to fill the vacant big box stores in Citrus County, with Medical Cannabis grow houses or Industrial Hemp containers for the vertical growth of vegetables.  They are perfect.  We see Cannabis driven businesses occupying many vacant buildings in Citrus County; and the surrounding areas, very soon.


Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises Phase 3

Phase three involves 120 acres of land to be used as a promotional tourist attraction within Inverness.  Industrial Hemp would be grown for educational purposes of establishing its blend into the county. A maze for tourists would be cut, with the product removed going to manufacturing research.  After a month the field would be cut and the material removed for  research before it ever flowers.  NCCE has identified over 25 local major business opportunities for those willing to embrace cannabis.

We at NCCE look forward to our journey together through business and fellowship!

On-site consulting done by appointment only