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Haydon Fouke
Founder, Patient, Mentor, & Donor

Haydon believes we live at HOME or “Heaven on Mother Earth”. Every day he tries to live up to that motto. Making our purpose and vision at Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises & Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers something we can believe in.

Haydon’s “TURN THE PAGE” message concerning Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp may help realign our worlds current views. On a personal level, through the promotion of proper diet, fitness and exclusion of alcohol. On a social level, putting the once incarcerated and the homeless into well paying jobs. Allowing them to live responsibly and stand on their own two feet. Leaving behind the inner-city, and all the negatives associated with it. On a larger scale, helping to end the irresponsible polluting of our environment, plundering of it’s resources, and wasteful living; through the promotion of Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis. Neither side of the “establishment” Republican or Democrat, seem to want to do ANYTHING about any of this. Haydon realizes it is up to us… “We the People.”

I go by Haydon.  I am a non-curable cancer survivor and am currently still fighting the fight!  I founded Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises & Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers for two main reasons.  Part passion, and part good medicine.  The passion to me is I believe possession of cannabis is a biological birthright as we have an endo-cannabanoid system that needs cannabanoids.  Cannabis has them.  It is also your human right, civil right and now a Constitutional right in Florida.  I love spreading that message!  They ignore you, laugh at you, fight you….and then you win!  Happens every time you are on the positive side of a ‘rights’ issue.

My involvement in the Cannabis Industry will keep me going right up till the day I die.  Good medicine for me personally.  I chased the most cutting-edge technologies for 35 years.  I’ve been around Cannabis for 47 years; and a heavy user for the past 9 years.  I’ve been in 5 cancer trials. I’ve found the “magic” in Cannabis Science out does everything big pharma has to offer.

Take some time, and checkout everything we are up to…then…GET INVOLVED!  I look forward to working with you.”

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