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Nature Coast Cannabis Caregivers is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the goal to help provide many jobs in our seven county Emerald Nature Coast area. We raise money for therapeutic cannabis research, business plans, consulting, and helping to promote medicinal marijuana, hemp, and cbd.

Florida is going to be a major state in the advancements and growth of marijuana. 2019 and 2020 are slated to be beneficial years for marijuana, In 2019 Florida was found to be the second highest growing state in the medical marijuana industry. There are more than 255,000 qualified medical marijuana patients in Florida. That’s about 1.6% of the state’s population, with an average of 609 new patients signing on per day. The number of people using other cannabis-based products is growing, as well. Tampa CBD dispensary Natural Life sells non-euphoric cannabis products, which do not contain THC. The store says it has seen a bump in sales since medical marijuana became legal.

A petition to put legal weed on the ballot in 2020 has triggered a Supreme Court review, a recent Quinnipiac University poll shows 65 percent of Florida voters support fully legalizing the drug and bill proposals are pitching legalization as a potential boon for Florida’s tourism economy, a step toward criminal justice reform and a way to boost local businesses in periphery markets. According to a new study by Pew Charitable Trust, there’s too much uncertainty and too little data for states to rely on recreational marijuana “sin” taxes for permanent fixes to budget shortfalls. The research found that states see high revenue growth in early years of legalization.

Given how unpredictable recreational marijuana can be, states should instead treat it like any other nonrecurring source of dollars in order to reduce a budget imbalance, Zhang said. There are ways to ward off negative effects, however, like collecting money before spending it or using the revenue to shore up savings. Nevada, for example contributes proceeds from its retail tax toward a rainy day fund. Washington uses the revenue for some smaller healthcare programs but there is evidence that the growth slows as markets mature.

No matter what reason the government puts forward as a huge obstacle in the marijuana movement, but the activist find a simple and easy way around it. Marijuana may not be the huge tax rake in the government wants it to be but its for the citizens not the pockets of the government.

We have a right to use natural medicine for whatever reason we feel necessary. Marijuana alters the chemicals in the brain of the user and there for is a medicine and the term recreational is very poor choice to describe the way cannabis is used. Because the government sees the term recreational leading towards over use and addiction and even a gate towards harder drugs. Marijuana is in no way a gate way drug or a “recreational drug” it is a medicine that changes lives and should be treated as such.

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