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Hi All,
At age 80, I use about 150 mg/day of high quality THC & 150 mg/day of CBD from industrial hemp.  I kill my cancer enough and seem to suffer nicely through my gained wisdom on staying alive using cannabis.
I live in a world of improved creativity, focus, reverence, productivity, endurance, non-violence, while feeling no older than 35 mentally.  I’m quite mobile, & take no testosterone, libido, or performance drugs.
I have been at Moffitt for 11 years in 5 clinical trials with a non-curable cancer.  Had Therapeutic Cannabis Research begun 80 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be dealing with it at all.
I brought my M-spike # from 2.3 to 0.1 with Rick Simpson Oil.  I met another patient, with his wife, who went from 4th stage Pancreatic to over 5 years of being cancer free with RSO.  She made it in the kitchen.
RSO has cured thousands.  Get more stories from the doctor at Moffitt who gave the advice for many to head to CA, take the RSO 90-day treatment & maybe be saved.  You can find Dr. Sorin Buga at City of Hope in CA.
My Clinical trials has 450 guinea pigs and 80% take a tranquilizer and 50% take a pain pill.  Most take expensive appetite, nausea, neuropathy and sleep drugs that have another 100 side effects and don’t work well anyway.  I’ve never taken the first one.
I’ve used the best cannabis grown on Kawai, HI in the most perfect organic, volcanic soils.  We need to use these high THC varieties (30+%) for research.  I’m doing research now that goes beyond the ‘giggles’ stage, into the realm of possibility connecting with more of our 14-20 senses.  Astral Projection is very achievable.  Every day brings new involvement in 30+ groundbreaking cannabis projects.
I donated $1900 to Moffitt’s Foundation before I discovered their true culture.  The ACS is a complete fake with only 17.2% of $887 going to research and not a dime to cannabis?
I may possibly be a Progressive Libertarian, which puts me at odds with ‘crack whores to Big Parma’ in the Tallahassee Cartel.  Too many Republicans needing to get elected seem to fit that title given by lobbyists.
It’s about time that someone ‘manned up’ for the patients and their needs.  Limiting THC is just another expensive ‘shakedown’ to us.  This is just another demeaning, ignorant approach that reeks of corruption.
About 1/2 of cannabis users prefer the full spectrum effect of flower.  Extraction doesn’t promise you all 113 cannabinoids & 80-100 terpenes that are unique to only in the cannabis sativa plant.  You only get a few.
Having been to the International Therapeutic Cannabis Research Conferences for the past many years, I know exactly where this is going.  So far, 129 bio-medical medical problems seem to show improvement using cannabis.
420 Proclamation
On the psychology side, just as pills replaced electrical shock, their future is limited now as well.  Alcohol has the same fate.  The Cannabis Culture will bring many improvements to our present society of self-abuse and decline in self-esteem.
Cannabis will help many find purpose to their lives whereby they can apply passion to a renewed life.  We hope to assist all patients, ageing, inmates, and homeless in ‘turning a page’ on their lives.
I will be happy to explain to our Legislature our biological birth right, human right, civil right, and FL Constitutional right to use put cannabis in our bodies like any other life-sustaining plants or other essentials, like water.
Moffitt still describes my lungs as ‘being like a teenager’ & that’s with 80 years of being around lots of second-hand tobacco smoke and lots of marijuana smoke inhalation.  Topic for research?
An average of 1100 Floridians die each year from Xanax & Valium.  Maybe Rep. Stevenson, a scare-tactic Cannaphobic, would do well to worry more about her soccer moms overdosing than me becoming violent.
Had Florida wanted their patients to have the benefits of marijuana, they could have borrowed it from CA 10 years ago.  It’s unfortunately some real big money and power are at stake.  We’re the pawns.
Haydon Fouke
Licensed FL MM Patient # 109
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