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Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises
Investment Ideas

As seen in many other states across this great nation, the Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis industries are experiencing massive growth “The Green Rush”. NCCE has many Investment Ideas. The growth experienced is the equivalent to the microelectronics of the early 70s. With many businesses expecting growth of 700%, in the next 3 years, a 12-15% interest return is available and all sorts of equity deals are out there. High risk/reward or just a bucket of penny stocks… Either way the opportunity is there. NCCE can help facilitate the introductions of investors to the future “Wiz Kids Stars” of the Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis industries.

Here are a few future Investment Opportunities from Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises.

  • MEDICAL CANNABIS GROW HOUSES & DISPENSARIES – Invitations & follow ups have already gone out in Florida to the first 9 have been permitted. Citrus County empty big box stores are perfect.
  • MGGM “Mean Green Growing Machine” – is a non-profit, fully funded by licensed resident patients as investors here in beautiful Citrus County.  They should become the low cost, high selection provider for patients as their mission states. (if awarded a future permit)
  • THERAPEUTIC CANNABIS RESEARCH RESORT – Potential 1.8 Billion dollar investment on 373 acres located at 486 & 491.  3500 new jobs, 4500 construction jobs.  Major state tourist attraction next to Black Diamond Ranch.  Pitched in 2015, this needs a second presentation to potential investors in Florida.  This begins the Therapeutic Cannabis Research Corridor.
  • CAREGIVER CRUISE LINES – 5 day “420 friendly” cruises on 200 passenger catamarans built on barge canal. Having fun in a ‘Bucket List” experience with vets in mind.

Are you interested in being part of the “Green Rush”?

NCCE can help put you in touch with the “Rising Stars” of the field.

Grow your portfolio and invest in something you can believe positively in!

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