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Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises
Industrial Hemp Projects

Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises encourages everyone to get involved in Industrial Hemp. NCCE is actively promoting us as leaders in Industrial Hemp with it’s 25,000 applications.

Here are a few Industrial Hemp projects Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises will be pursuing after the University run Industrial Hemp Research Phase in Florida.

  • HEMP SUPER-CAPACITORS  of Citrus County – Replacing Graphene in batteries.
  • CITRUS COUNTY HEMPCRETE MFG. – Manufacturer of Hempcrete barges & construction materials.
  • INDUSTRIAL HEMP FEED & SEED of Citrus County – Hemp planting seeds,  animal bedding &  feed.
  • HEMP HARVESTERS AND SEEDERS of Citrus County – World class manufacturer of harvesting equipment.
  • HEMP TEXTILES of Citrus County. – Collectable robes and scrubs.
  • HEMP BIOCHAR of Citrus County – Charcoal from Hemp biomass.
  • HEMP PULP & PAPER of Citrus County – with enough supply, GA Pacific will convert a machine in either Foley or Palatka.  Probably a tissue machine for the initial run.
  • HEMP BIO-COMPOSITES of Citrus County – A real Bio-Resin future starting with paddle boards & surfboards. As well as the building of 40′ x 10′ x 10′ vertical grow containers, replacing metal ones.
  • CITRUS COUNTY SHIPYARD – Manufacturing Catamaran Ships for Caregiver Cruise Lines
  • TERAPODS of Citrus County – Breakwater for protection of all bridges and storm drains.  Excellent for reef restoration and defense to net poaching.
  • R & D of Hemp fuel oil

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