Flower in Florida

Florida’s ban on smokable medical marijuana coming to an end. The Senate voted 34-4 Thursday for a bill that would make it legal for medical marijuana patients to use flower to medicate. Voters approved medical marijuana in 2017 but due to then Gov. Rick Scott flower was banned. The state was sued over the issue, and a judge declared the ban unconstitutional. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would drop the ban of the house and Senate didn’t vote on the issue. The Florida Senate has already passed a bill that would make it legal to smoke medical marijuana, now the issue goes to the house of representatives.

¬†Dispensaries handle mass amounts of patients every day of the week. Many of which already voted to make medical marijuana legal in Florida¬† however amendment 2 to didn’t specify the legality of smoking cannabis buds. A majority of patients believe that smoking flower would be more beneficial and a easier way to medicate and feel more immediate relief. The concentrates are much more potent then the flower but the bud seems to lead to faster medicinal benefits as well as feelings nostalgic.

The issue is expected to come up this Wednesday at the house. It should be a no brainer, an in and out issue. The people of Florida have more then voiced the opinions on the topic and a majority want to see medical cannabis in the dispensaries. Some dispensaries already sell it in the form of vaporizer cups so once it is legalized it shouldn’t take long at all to see flower on the shelf.



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