Florida Goes Recreational

The year 2019 was set to be one of the biggest years for the marijuana movement. While a lot of things that would have been very beneficial to pushing the movement forward were set back, we also took huge strides forward in regards to hemp and cbd industries.

2020 is going to be a major year in the ongoing marijuana movement. Floridians are working hard to make a big change in the next year. Regulate Florida has over 75,000 verified signatures to put the vote for recreational marijuana on 2020’s ballot. There has been a few laws put in place in attempts to slow down the recreational marijuana movement, giving us a shorter amount of time to collect the required 766,200 signatures. While they still have a long ways to go but it’s a huge start and we know the people of Florida will continue to show their support.

Hemp has been made legal in florida as long as it contain less than .03 percent thc. This new law makes prosecution of cannabis rather difficult as neither k9’s nor officers can distinguish between cannabis and hemp by visual appearance or scent. The only way to truly know is if a suspect admits to having controlled substances (marijuana) or if the police department sends it to be tested in a DEA facility. To have the plant tested is very expensive and most sheriffs offices don’t have the certified transport to deliver the plant to a certified test facility. We don’t want to think of this as a loop whole or get out of jail free card to carry illegal marijuana. We only recommend using legal marijuana and in legal places, not out in public.


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