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Nature Coast Cannabis Enterprises

There are many misnomers, bad science and downright lies when it comes to Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis. NCCE aims to educate Citrus County and the surrounding areas about Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis. We will be hosting many speakers and events. We will also be posting relevant new studies as they become available via social media and the internet; designed to get the truth out there. Big pharma and established industries are often times to blame for misinformation. We aim to set the truth free.

NCCE Future Education Projects for Cannabis Industry

  • NCCE Sponsored Seminars and Science fairs for top  20 local science teachers and students

  • Citrus County Cannabis Academy to develop the future workforce

  • 4-H programs through USDA, to develop the workforce needed, once the DEA steps aside
  • One year program for WTI to develop workforce
  • Currently building a cannabis library for all to use
  • Encouragement of networking at cannabis trade shows

Are you a Doctor, Engineer or Educator passionate about the positive benefits of Medical Cannabis or Industrial Hemp?

Would you like to get involved or speak on either topic at a NCCE sponsored event?

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