Cannabis Workers Earn 11% More Than U.S. Middle

Cannabis Workers Earn 11% More Than U.S. Median

New jobs concentrate on medium to small companies and large cities.

An investigation by Glassdoor has uncovered that workers in the cannabis business procure 11% more than the middle U.S. wage and that employment opportunities in the business expanded 76% more than 2018, as per a CNBC report.

The development was seen between December of 2017 and December of 2018. Simply contrasting December 2017 with December 2018, employment opportunities went from 858 to 1,512. It doesn’t appear as though that pattern will change at any point in the near future, as new states keep on authorizing cannabis.

“Investment in hiring is one of the strongest indicators for business confidence as it requires a substantial long-term investment of time, effort and money.” — Daniel Zhao, a data scientist with Glassdoor, via CNBC

These aren’t simply retail employment, either. 53 percent of the openings are for expert positions, for example, review confirmation supervisors, showcasing administrators, and item chiefs. The middle paycheck in the cannabis business is $58,511 — the U.S. generally speaking middle is $52,863.

The best five urban communities for cannabis employment opportunities by percent of absolute postings are:

  • San Francisco (13 percent)
  • Los Angeles (12 percent)
  • Denver (7 percent)
  • Seattle (4 percent)
  • New York (4 percent)

In excess of 80 percent of openings appear to be with little to medium-sized organizations with 500 representatives or less.

The pattern isn’t required to ease up at any point in the near future. As the cannabis business keeps on developing, much more specialists will be required as organizations enter bigger markets and need to satisfy expense and bookkeeping guidelines, among other consistency issues.



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