Cannabis to Cure Veterans?

House lawmakers put a bill into effect January 23rd, 2019. The VA Medical Cannabis Research Act:will require the veterans association to look into the possibility of giving veterans the chance to cure the aches,pains, and ailments with cannabis.  The new bill alters the wording of a very similar bill introduced prior stated the VA “may” conduct research on cannabis and its benefits for veterans the new bill states the VA “shall” conduct research. The former choice of medication for veterans was limited to painkillers, narcotics, amphetamines, and many many other addictive and harmful drugs, due to a lack of knowledge on the VA’s ability to research cannabis. However the new bill very clearly dictates the VA can and will research the benefits of marijuana as well as giving Congress an initiative plan on their research and continuously supply proof of growth and progress. Our nation is at crisis with an opium epidemic sweeping the country, it is imperative that the VA conducts research on alternative care options for our vets. With this new bill going into action the nation is well on its way, cannabis is legal for either medical,recreational, or both, in 31 states, cannabis is far more open for discussion in the remaining few states yet to legalize it, and now the VA an association required to follow federal guidelines is aloud to research medical marijuana while it is still federally classified as a controlled substance. We believe the country is now one step closer to federally legalizing marijuana and finally pulling it away from all of the stigmas and stereo types involved with much worse controlled substances like meth, cocaine, and heroin. Medical marijuana saves a life everyday, thanks to the VA Medical Cannabis Research Act that life could just be someone who risked theirs for ours.



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